Aljoša Bokan

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Aljoša Bokan is a fourth-year student at the Secondary School of Design and Photography. Born in 2005, he lives and works in Ljubljana. During his spare time, he works on photography and photographic projects. His favorite techniques are analog and darkroom enlargements. He has worked on several projects, including, as director of photography, on the short youth film The Art of Choice (directed by Barbara Makovec). He also has photographed various events, such as the international YAFE (Youth work for the Earth) project. He has organized two solo photographic exhibitions at the Young Dragons youth center, one of which is a follow-up to the youth project Raz-kroj (Degrowth) fashion show and collection, created by Neža Zelnik and Luka Sonc. The photo shows the fashion designer, who is a trans person, wearing her creation from the Raz-kroj (Death) fashion collection.