Marta Rybicka

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Marta Rybicka is a documentary photographer. Double laureate of GRAND PRESS PHOTO 2019, GPP 2017 finalist, she works as a freelancer. She began her career documenting the devastating effects of an earthquake in Haiti and a flood in Poland.
She has photographed everyday life and working conditions in India and Sudan. Currently, she is working on a long-term project focused on closeness and intimacy when faced with various challengeswar, illness or modern habits. She documents the everyday lives of Chechen refugees in Poland, as part of the Children from Brześć Station Project, and the lives of Poles living in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Together with the “Pismo” magazine and “To działa” social organizations, she helps create an annual series of reports titled “Common Good”. She was a finalist of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Contest for Creative Scholarships and Scholarships in the Field of Propagating Culture. She runs photography workshops for children.