Nadia Raymond

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“I come from the south of France and stumbled onto photography by chance four years ago, capturing the world around me. I have a fondness for landscape photos and love to head off on adventures and take pictures of the wondrous things the world has to offer. Alongside my artistic life, I work as an activity leader at schools, holiday camps and holiday clubs. I like sharing values with children through citizenship and anti-discrimination workshops.

The daughter of immigrants, I am very aware of what refugees and migrants face around the world. I have participated in two humanitarian missions in France, in the Calais and Grande-Synthe camps, and one in Senegal, helping to build a school in Dakar. As well as being deeply emotional experiences full of extraordinary encounters, they showed me what I wanted to do in my professional life: I want to work with refugees, especially children who are most affected, and help them to smile once again in a society that has not been able to find the place for them that they deserve. 

I use my camera as a ‘denouncing weapon’, to fight against racism, discrimination and prejudice. I hope for a day when their dignity will be respected, when their situation improves and, while we’re at it, when they can finally live in peace.”

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